My Favorite Place to Visit Since Moving to California

Taking a family photo while waiting in line to see the pandas, which was a new exhibit at the time.

We moved to California from Florida in August of 2014. Since this is a state where there’s lots to do and places to see, we take advantage of that and check things out when the opportunity presents itself.

In June 2015, my husband was in San Diego on a business trip so the kids and I decided to visit him for a few days. After some debating on where to go to 1st, we settled on the San Diego Zoo. I think that zoo is the best I’ve ever been to by far. The place is huge. It was so big that even though we were there from open to close, we didn’t have time to see the whole zoo.

All of the different exhibits were so educational. As a mom, that’s very important to me especially when the kids don’t realise they’re learning while having fun lol. The vegetation was so colorful and pretty. I took some pictures of almost every flower I came upon.

Below you will find a slide show of some of the pictures of our visit to the San Diego Zoo. Enjoy!!!

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