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Blogging Has Been a Blast!

I’ve only been blogging since July 1st and I’m absolutely in love with it. Initially, I didn’t know what the heck to do or even how to start. I did what I normally do when I don’t know how to do something, I Googled it! Lol, you’d be amazed at all the information out there that has to do with blogging and creating your own website. It was honestly overwhelming for me so the next place for me to do my research was Pinterest. All I could think was, “Whoa”! Everything was so organized and could be saved to where I could easily find it later. I followed some people which led me to some facebook groups on blogging. Those were also a wealth of information. Once I gathered all the information I needed, I just went for it!


“Miriam Knows…” was born

My 1st post ever was well received by everyone on my social media, WordPress, and the blogging groups. Even with all the love my posts were getting, I knew I could really use some more help. In one of the facebook groups I’m a part of, someone came up with a genius idea where a “newbie” (me) is partnered up with an “oldie” for a month. In this partnership, we are to help each other with ideas, questions, and suggestions.

Wonderfully Messy Mom


My partner for this month is Fiona. She is a freelancer, editor, author, blogger, proofreader, and writer! Fiona also has 3 blogs. Wow, she has a lot going on. That’s what I call a superwoman! My absolute favorite of her blogs is Countess Drusilla Steele. You guys have to check out her blog. Oh, and did I forget to mention that she’s also in the middle of writing a novel? I’d love to read it when she’s done. My partner has been a great help so far when it comes to my blog and how to do certain things. Some of this is so confusing and techy that you have to have someone who knows what they’re doing in your corner. Thank you, Fiona!!!! You are an amazing help and a great blogger.


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