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Quick Post: Fibbing

Have you ever felt that you had to tell your child a fib in order to keep them from having a meltdown or to keep them from driving you nuts? I am proud to admit that I have done it plenty of times. I feel like sometimes you have to tell kids a harmless fib in order to make your life easier. Kids are very unpredictable at times, especially when in public. Below, you’ll find 2 perfectly good examples of fibbing to save your sanity.


Jose talking to his “girlfriend” (age 2.5 years old)

When Jose was almost 2.5 years old, he still used a binky (pacifier). He always carried it with him and had it in his mouth practically all day. One day, we finally decided to take it away from him and throw it away. We didn’t think his reaction was going to be as angry towards us as it was. He would scream and cry for it so we told him the garbage man took it. That calmed him down…or so we thought.

A few days later, was garbage day. As soon as Jose heard the garbage truck, he ran to the window and started banging on the glass screaming, “Give me back my binky garbage man!!!!” He did that for several weeks until he finally figured out that he wasn’t getting his beloved binky back. Lol it was the funniest thing. We try to remind Jose (who’s 15 years old now) about it from time to time.

I am proud to admit that I have done it plenty of times.



Jose and Jailani at Downtown Disney Orlando, Florida (2013)

One weekend we went to Downtown Disney to spend some time together as a family. It turned out to be a really nice day. Everyone had a good time. When it was time to go, Jailani didn’t want to leave because she hadn’t seen Mickey Mouse yet. I told her we might see him and his friends on the way to the car. That calmed her down for a bit. Once we got closer to the car, she got more frantic. This is where my fib almost saved the day. To calm her down again, I told her that Mickey Mouse was on vacation. Oh, it calmed her down alright. It calmed her down enough for her to ask me to call him! Ugh, I had to think quick on my feet so I pretended to dial his number and waited for Mickey to answer. I then pretended to hang up and told her that he didn’t answer. Jailani told me to call him back because I hadn’t left him a voice message. Grrrr! This was my last resort so I pretended to call back and left a message with my name and number asking Mickey to call me back because Jailani wanted to talk to him. She seemed to accept that Mickey Mouse was going to call her back so she behaved the rest of the long ride home.I thought I was in the clear and wouldn’t hear any more about Mickey. Boy, was I wrong! Jailani asked me if he called back for days. She would even check my phone herself, to see if there were any missed calls or voicemails. She’s a smart girl. Lol.

Sometimes as parents, we gotta do what we gotta do in order to maintain our sanity when it comes to our kids. What fibs have you told your children to save the day?

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