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They Grow Up So Fast!!!

Wow! Yesterday was so exciting for my family. Baby Jia took her first steps! Y’all should have seen me freak out. 😂Lol!!! Ok, so this is what happened: I was sitting at the very end of the couch with my legs crossed and Jia was holding on to it and walking along the couch. When she got to where I was, I didn’t move my legs for her to continue her little walk. She looked at me, let go of the couch, and walked around my legs to the other end of the couch. You guys, I was in complete disbelief! 😮 I started laughing so hard and picked her up to shower her with kisses 😙. I’m surprised I didn’t startle poor Baby Jia.

Her father had the day off of work so we were anxiously waiting for him to come home from running errands (ok well maybe I was the only anxious one). As soon as Anthony walked through the door, I told him the great news. Of course, he wanted to see her in action so we tried to get her to walk. It took a couple of tries but she did it again. You should have seen the huge grin 😆 he had on his face seeing his youngest daughter take those steps. He was so proud.

Here’s one of the videos I took of her walking. This is the only one where you won’t hear me laughing like a lunatic the whole time, lol!!!

Our other kids, José and Jailani, were still at school and hadn’t heard of this awesome news. I picked Jailani up first. I told her that I had a surprise for her and took her and Jia to the park so Jia could show off her new skills. When we got to the park, I took Jia out of her stroller and stood her in the grass  for her to start walking. She just stood there. We tried and tried to get her walking👣 but nope, she refused. I think it was because she had shoes 👟  on and it felt weird for her. When she was walking at the house, she was barefoot the whole time. Jailani was disappointed because she was looking forward to seeing her baby sister walk. I felt bad so I showed her one of the videos. It was so cute, she was laughing. (I think she got that from me). We stayed at the park for a good while and then returned home.


My princesses playing at the park


The only person left to see Baby Jia walk was her big brother, José. I couldn’t wait to show him the videos because he has been working with her for weeks to try and get her to walk. I remember once he said he was “training her” to walk. Lol ok Jose. I went and picked him up from wrestling practice. As soon as he was buckled in the car 🚘, I handed him my phone 📱 and told him to press play on the video. You should have seen him! He was like, “Yes! Finally”. As soon as he walked through the door, he picked his sister up and tried to get her to walk. He wanted to see it in person. It took a few tries but she gave in and showed her big brother that she can walk.

The whole family really can’t get over her new milestone. We weren’t expecting for her to do it so soon. Way to go, Baby Jia 👍!!!!



4 thoughts on “They Grow Up So Fast!!!

  1. Way to go baby Jia. This is one of my favorite milestones. It takes me back to when Kaylani walked the day before turning 10 months. You have a beautiful family Miriam the way you belive and support each other is refreshing.

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    1. Aww thank you Aileen! With everything that’s happening in the world, I want my children to see and feel nothing but positivity. I want them to know that in good times and bad times mom and dad will always be there.


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