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Quick Post: I hate being sick!🤒

So, it’s 6am here in California on a Sunday.  I’ve been up since 4:30am due to this stupid cold I’ve had all weekend. You know how it is: one side of your nose is runny,  the other side is stopped up,  you’re hacking up a lung,  your throat is on fire, you can’t breathe,  every square inch of your body hurts,  no energy. I could go on and on with this list. 

I’m a big baby when I’m sick and I hate to suffer alone so I complain the whole time to whoever’s in the room with me 😂. My family has been awesome about it too.  My daughter Jailani has been giving me “advice” on how I can feel better.  She’s so sweet 🌸. My son Jose has been keeping baby Jia busy. For some reason she’s wanting only me while I’m sick.  Any other time, she’s attached to my husband’s hip 😑. Speaking of my husband,  he’s been a real trooper too.  He’s been taking care of me,  cooking,  and spoiling me.  Thank you babe 😘.

Excuse me while I hunt down a whole roll of toilet paper for my nose. 

Rant over!  🤓


6 thoughts on “Quick Post: I hate being sick!🤒

  1. Being sick is the worst!! And it totally sucks that we don’t get a day “off” when we have kids to take care of. It’s nice that you have help from your husband and family members. Get well soon!

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