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December’s Woman Who Knows: Tamara N. Barnes


December’s feature is someone I’ve known since middle school. She, in my opinion, is the epitome of a “Woman Who Knows”. Her name is Tamara Barnes. She is married with 2 sons of her own and 3 step-sons. Besides having a career in the military (thank you for your service) , she also has 3 businesses that are beneficial in different ways.

Her Military Career


Tamara is a 16 year Veteran of the United States Armed Forces. She served 6 of those years in the United States Air Force where she served 2 tours in Iraq and 1 in Kuwait. Tamara also served 10 years in the US Coast Guard. She is currently finishing her last 4 years as an Active Coast Guard Reservist to pursue her ventures as a business owner.

Sensual Desires

photo by Marcus Bennett

Sensual Desires is a lingerie business she started back in 2009 to help women with their self-esteem. According to Tamara, her business “embodies the strength and fortitude of a woman’s outwardly perception of herself, it defines beauty .” So far, she’s had 3 successful  lingerie fashion shows in Washington DC. Sensual Desire’s 1st show was at the Opera Ultra Lounge in October 2013. The 2nd show was in 2014 at Kabin Lounge and the 3rd show was at The Museum in November 2016.

I absolutely love that a woman’s self-esteem is the reason she created Sensual Desires. With the way society’s standards are for women, we need more of that support. Society states that a woman has to be thin, no rolls, a plump bottom, no “flaws” at all. Well, I say forget what society says and get you some Sensual Desires Lingerie!

Below, you can find a “sneak peak” of what you can find at Sensual Desires.

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Mogul Logistic Solutions, LLC


Mogul Logistic Solutions, LLC is another one of Tamara’s businesses. It was created to ensure that Veterans maintain an updated Family Care Plan at all times in case of a major life change. With this plan, family members would keep up to date records handy at all times, as well as their Sponsor’s Command in the case of an emergency. (A sponsor is a person in the military) All of this pertinent information is kept in a neat and organized custom-made binder. Initially, these binders were made for military/veterans but everyone is now included. Tamara believes that everyone should have a solid Family Care Plan in the case of an emergency.


Having a Family Care Plan is important, especially for those in the military. Most of the time, military personnel is far away from family and anything can happen. Being prepared in the wake of an emergency is key to getting through any situation.

Features and Speaking Engagements

Tamara has been featured in HERLIFE Magazine, featured on the covers of Bold Flavor Magazine and Glambitious Magazine. She has also been asked to be a speaker at several engagements like The All White Brunch in Miami Florida and Atlanta Georgia, and The Little Black Dress Charlotte Mixer in North Carolina. Tamara has also been on The Stroke Diva Fabulous Radio Show. All of these speaking engagements celebrate women empowering each other and supporting women-owned businesses.


  • Associate’s Degree in General Studies – Central Texas College
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Workforce Education and Development – Southern Illinois University
  • Certified Paralegal – Howard University
  • Currently enrolled at SIU for her her Master’s in Workforce Education and Development

Tammy B Coaching

I know what you’re thinking,” What more does this woman have up her sleeve?” Well, read on for more:

Tamara has kept her fellow Military brothers and sisters in mind with her compassion to help others. She created Tammy B Coaching. It is a life coaching service geared towards transitioning veterans entering the civilian workforce. Her main priority is to ensure that these veterans are well trained for when they retire or are discharged from the military. Her goal is to send these servicemen and women out into the civilian workforce prepared.

Wow, just wow! Tamara has created a substantial empire for herself that definitely merits a shot in the spotlight. If you’d like to contact Tamara for any of the services she provides or show your support, you can do so at  www.tamarabarnes.comwww.sensualdesiresllc.comwww.MogulLogisticSolutions.com.


11 thoughts on “December’s Woman Who Knows: Tamara N. Barnes

    1. Wow!! Tamara you are truly amazing! Thank you for your service. I’m in DC and also a Bison. I admired your family care plan as a social worker I think it’s so important to have critical updated information accessible at all times. Congrats ! Keep up the great work! Miriam great writing once again! You are inspiring others through your blog.

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