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5 Skills Every Parent Should Develop and Why

As a woman , I’ve developed some skills that I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t had children. With my 3  kids 👦👧👶, I’ve had to use these skills practically every day. 

Read on to find out some useful skills you may need to develop in order to survive this thing called parenthood 😂.

  1. Patience- This is a skill that will be tested EVERY SINGLE DAY 😐. Your children will talk to you all at the same time, they will fight all day and all night, the kids will take at least 3 bathroom breaks and be thirsty 3 times during bed time. Using your patience will keep you from losing your shit 💩. Keep calm and count to 100 if you have to. Trust me 😉, you’ll thank yourself later that you did.
  2. Become a lie detector- Kids will “borrow” their sibling’s things and lose them without telling anyone, they will break a household item and hide the evidence to be found later. You have to ask the right questions ❓❔ and watch their body language to find out the truth 🤔. It’s the only way to figure out which little booger  is the culprit.
  3. Learn to referee- My kids fight ALL THE TIME 😡. The only way to keep the ✌peace is to learn to referee 🗣 each fight.
  4. Reflexes like a cat 😺- This skill comes in handy in several scenarios. My 1 year old started walking at 11 months and is still pretty clumsy. Most times I feel like I have to shoot across the room to catch her before she falls face 🙈 1st onto the hardwood floor. Another way I use those reflexes is when my 15 year old decides he wants to free throw 🏀 things in to the garbage instead of walking up to it and tossing it in 😑. I always end up intercepting it  mid-throw 😎 and handing it to him to dispose of correctly.
  5. Being a psychic- As a mom you just know things. If you ask your child a question, sometimes you know the answer before they open their mouths 🤐. The worst part about this ability is that you may not like the answer 🙉.

Being a parent isn’t easy but developing certain “skills” helps out a lot. I hope you enjoyed this playful but oh so real post. What skills have you developed as a parent?


14 thoughts on “5 Skills Every Parent Should Develop and Why

  1. Haha. These are superwoman skills. My almost-10 month old is starting to walk and i’m constantly bending over at lightening speed to grab him or objects he is about to throw to the death. Good to know the skills I will be developing as my baby gets older and our family expands!

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  2. Haha ain’t this the truth! I have made many sprints across the floor in my day. I’m dying at #3 My boys are just getting to the point where they love to play and fight together. Good post. Thanks for the laughs!

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  3. Funny but true…lol
    I had to laugh because I can still see my kids faces when I ask what happened.
    “See what happened was… but I didn’t do it…k
    You took me way back.

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