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Are you in Your 30’s? Make a Doctor’s Appointment!

I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason and they happen at the right time. Having just turned 35 years old in August, I realize that I have to take better care of myself. Not too long ago, a beauty expert contacted me about being a guest blogger on What Brigitte Evans wanted to blog about really hit home because it was about taking care of our health as women. Being a woman and a medical assistant, I really wanted to spread her expertise to my readers. Taking these steps listed below will help us live longer and better lives. Please enjoy.

~Miriam Knows


Alright mom, fine, I’ll make the damn appointment! Hello, and welcome, we’re here to nag you into health! When we’re very young, we’re generally so used to being healthy that we don’t even realize how good we have it until something goes wrong. From spending the entire night drunk and dancing in heels in our twenties to needing six days just to recover fully from a hangover when we’re in our thirties. Our bodies just start working differently and unless we take proper care of them, we’ll be a lot more tired and sickly than we need to be. Well, to avoid that, here we’ve compiled a list of important checkups that you need in your thirties to make sure you stay healthy.

Cholesterol screening

Are you predisposed for cardiovascular diseases? You need to know your family’s medical history, and if you have any close relatives, or if your parents or siblings have heart problems, you need to have blood analysis done regularly to check your cholesterol levels. Measure your blood pressure and your pulse often as well, because hypertension can start around this age. Good thing is, if you became aware of some problem this early on, you’re very likely to wrestle it under control very quickly.

BMI evaluation

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Our metabolism tends to slow down the more we age, and weight can become an issue. Have your physician measure your BMI to get a rough estimate of what kind of shape you’re in. If there are any issues, you’ll get counseling. If you’re in the healthy weight range, but still want to shed some pounds, you can still take measures to slim down to your desired figure.

With regular exercise and a healthy diet, you’ll be fit in no time, but you need to be very careful if you’ve recently given birth. Please, if you’re a new mother, don’t worry about your weight. You will get your body back, but it’s a process that takes time, and it’s different for every woman. For the first six weeks you shouldn’t do anything but rest, and even then you should only stick to walking and Kegels for a while. Wearing your maternity sweatpants is a good idea because they can offer that extra support for your tummy and your joints while you’re recovering.

PAP smear

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This should be done even in your twenties, once a year, but it becomes particularly important in your thirties. Cervical cancer screening involves PAP smears and HPV testing and your OB/GYN should administer it regularly.

Thyroid problems

Thyroid issues also tend to arise in our thirties, so you want to have your hormone analysis done just to make sure everything is alright. Test your T3, T4, and TSH levels, and in case the results are off, then talk to an endocrinologist. It’s likely that you have either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.

A chat with a psychologist

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If you’ve been feeling anxious and sad for a long time, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with a psychologist or a psychiatrist. It might turn out that you’re completely fine and are just going through some stress, or there might be an underlying issue such as depression. In any case, you’ll get good advice and medication in case you need it, and it’s a good step towards mental health and positivity.

STD screening

If you are sexually active, STD screening is a must. Ask for your gynecologist to test you once every six months, or every time you change partners to make sure you’re fine. It’s also a good idea to have your partner do the same kind of testing just so you could enjoy sex without any worries. Of course, always use protection, and always stay responsible.


Have any beauty marks or weird spots on your skin that look a little inflamed? It might not be innocent, so do visit your dermatologist to check if everything is okay. If you’re very fair-skinned or have a family history of melanoma, get examined regularly. Of course, even if these aren’t your worries, our skin is aging and if you want to avoid wrinkles, have your doctor prescribe you a retinol cream and give you advice on what other products you can use. And do use sunscreen every day!

Well, we’ve nagged enough for today, but it’s all because we care about you. A simple checkup can save you a lot of pain later in life, so see your doctor regularly and always keep track of changes in your health.


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