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5 Skills Every Parent Should Develop and Why

As a woman , I’ve developed some skills that I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t had children. With my 3  kids 👦👧👶, I’ve had to use these skills practically every day.  Read on to find out some useful skills you may need to develop in order to survive this thing called parenthood 😂. Patience- This…… Continue reading 5 Skills Every Parent Should Develop and Why

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Quick Post: I hate being sick!🤒

So, it’s 6am here in California on a Sunday.  I’ve been up since 4:30am due to this stupid cold I’ve had all weekend. You know how it is: one side of your nose is runny,  the other side is stopped up,  you’re hacking up a lung,  your throat is on fire, you can’t breathe,  every…… Continue reading Quick Post: I hate being sick!🤒

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They Grow Up So Fast!!!

Wow! Yesterday was so exciting for my family. Baby Jia took her first steps! Y’all should have seen me freak out. 😂Lol!!! Ok, so this is what happened: I was sitting at the very end of the couch with my legs crossed and Jia was holding on to it and walking along the couch. When she got…… Continue reading They Grow Up So Fast!!!

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Helping Others

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to do things that made a difference in the world. One way I was able to achieve that was becoming a medical assistant. I was able to leave work every day knowing that I made a tiny difference in at least one family’s life. I really do…… Continue reading Helping Others

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Quick Post: Fibbing

Have you ever felt that you had to tell your child a fib in order to keep them from having a meltdown or to keep them from driving you nuts? I am proud to admit that I have done it plenty of times. I feel like sometimes you have to tell kids a harmless fib…… Continue reading Quick Post: Fibbing

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A Letter to My Husband

Dear Anthony, Good morning, Amor Mio! Today is August 9th, the 2nd year of our wedding anniversary. If only we could relive that day again. It was one of the best days of my life. Most of our family and friends traveled from far to see us unite in holy matrimony. You looked so handsome standing…… Continue reading A Letter to My Husband

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Teens Need Positive Role Models

Being a teenager isn’t easy. You remember those days, the peer pressure, the stress, and trying to stay out of trouble. A positive role model may help take care of those problems. It is my belief that when a teenager has a positive role model to look up to, they see that they’re goals are…… Continue reading Teens Need Positive Role Models