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Quick Post: Thank You!

I’d like to thank so many people who have made my blog, “Miriam Knows”, possible. I’ve only been blogging since July 1,2016 and have people looking forward to seeing my new posts, especially the monthly “Woman Who Knows” blog series. Woman Who Knows These amazing women have inspired countless readers to follow their dreams. I…… Continue reading Quick Post: Thank You!

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Quick Post: I hate being sick!🤒

So, it’s 6am here in California on a Sunday.  I’ve been up since 4:30am due to this stupid cold I’ve had all weekend. You know how it is: one side of your nose is runny,  the other side is stopped up,  you’re hacking up a lung,  your throat is on fire, you can’t breathe,  every…… Continue reading Quick Post: I hate being sick!🤒

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Quick Post: Fibbing

Have you ever felt that you had to tell your child a fib in order to keep them from having a meltdown or to keep them from driving you nuts? I am proud to admit that I have done it plenty of times. I feel like sometimes you have to tell kids a harmless fib…… Continue reading Quick Post: Fibbing